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Solar increases your property’s value. We offer residential and commercial solar electric systems, and commercial energy management, improving reliability and reduce risk.

Residential solar

Solar is the most practical choice to generate your own energy. By installing solar panels, you save money, increase the value of your home, reduce your carbon footprint, and support local business and jobs.
LED lighting, efficiency improvements, new roofing and tree removal are all included as needed.
With tax incentives, cash payments, and up to 25 years financing as low as 0.99%, many customers are cash flow positive from day 1!

Commercial solar

In addition to the benefits of residential systems, commercial clients also benefit from accelerated depreciation.
Vellco can design your system or serve as your agent to obtain and evaluate quotes from multiple engineering, procurement and construction firms, so you can go solar with full confidence of obtaining the best possible value.

Commercial energy management

The energy that you don’t produce on site can be purchased at substantial savings compared to standard utility pricing. Vellco can develop an energy procurement and management strategy that saves money and reduces risk.

Battery backup

Need power backup? Battery technology is rapidly evolving. Let us recommend your ideal backup power strategy.

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