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Get All the Incentives You’re Due:

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Solar power systems are eligible for a 30% federal Investment Tax Credit through 2022, in addition to any state and local credits.

In DC, Maryland, and Virginia, solar systems generate solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs), which can be sold for cash. Your SRECs help energy suppliers to meet state Renewable Portfolio Standards. SREC prices are determined by supply and demand.

Improve the Value of Your Property:

Buyers know that properties with solar have lower operating costs. Zillow has documented that solar increases the value of a home in the US by 4.1%, or just under $9,200 on average. Other sources suggest higher increases. For more information, see:

As Secure as the Sunrise:

Solar panels typically last for 40-50 years and are guaranteed for up to 25 years. Many systems and components also come with up to 25-year transferrable guarantees. So as long as the sun rises and you’re using electricity, your investment in solar generates extraordinarily reliable returns.

Get rewarded for helping others go solar!

Most of our customers hear about us by word of mouth, and we value your referrals. Let us know who else should know about solar, and we’ll reward you with a $150 discount for every referral that sits for a consultation, and $750 for everyone that goes solar. Let us know who else we should be talking to.

Let us know who referred you!

What if I need a new roof?

If you know you’ll need a new roof in the next few years, the best time to replace it is now, as part of the solar installation, while the investment tax credit may be applied to the new roof as well. Use your roofer, or one of our recommended roofing partners to obtain the best value.

What You Can Expect from a Solar Consultation

We provide you with facts and ensure that we meet all your requirements pertaining to energy, economy, and aesthetics. Our agents will give you honest estimates and offers the best pricing in the industry.

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