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Why Choose Us

Vellco Solar is a trusted partner to improve your cash flow and property value while living and working in harmony with nature.
Experience the satisfaction of powering your home or business with the energy that falls for free on your property every day.
Our company represents the highest-rated residential and commercial solar installers in the region. We make it easy to obtain the best products and services at the best possible price.

How It Started

Vellco’s founder, Phil Covell, has been helping people, businesses, and communities to go solar since 1986. After helping to establish the solar industry in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, he built the company to connect clients in Virginia and Maryland with the products and services that best fit their needs.

Vellco Advisors, Inc. was established in 2016 to provide commercial energy management services. The company provides electricity and gas procurement services and facilitates investments in energy efficiency and on-site power generation.

As economics increasingly favored solar, Vellco Solar has helped clients to obtain rooftop systems and community solar. Vellco Solar represents top-rated local solar installers for residential, non-profit, and commercial clients.

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